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The Literary and Scientific InstituteBuilding a Brighter Future – Statement 6th May 2021

The use of this iconic building has been reviewed and reorganised to ensure its financial viability and sustainability. The new plans combine commercial and charity tenants with community access to events and facilities within the LSi.  

Vanessa White, interim chair of BADT, said: “The intention is to create a new relationship with the building’s occupants to deliver something very different and dynamic for Bridport.   “BADT fulfilled one of its primary purposes by rescuing the LSi and preserving the historic building for Bridport and posterity. The Trust believes the chosen proposal is consistent with its aims and those of the LSi in the benefits it provides to the community and wider society.”  

More detail of the proposal is available at http://www.lsibridport.co.uk/11800-2/.


The Trustees, Bridport Area Development Trust.

About the Area Development Trust

Our Mission Statement really explains the purpose of the trust and what we are trying to achieve. ‘The Bridport Area Development Trust works in partnership to identify, plan and deliver projects that meet local need and provide long term economic and community benefit to the town and beyond’.

‘One of the best towns in Dorset which for its continuously sustained urban feeling, is perhaps the best of all.’ Nicholas Pevsner
From Buildings Of England Dorset Edition.

Our Vision is simple ‘Building a Better Bridport’.

The BADT has completed a number of innovative projects in the Bridport area, details of which can be found on our projects pages. We are always keen to consider and support appropriate enterprises which may be presented.

Development Plan

Have a look at the new Neighbourhood Plan for Bridport some great ideas and opportunities which the Trust will support with assistance when appropriate.

Bridport Area Development Trust Report and Accounts 2019/20

The Report and Accounts 2019/20 unanimously approved by the Board on 12th October 2020 are available through the link below. Questions will be taken at our next AGM if notified in advance to tware@pobroadband.co.uk

Trevor Ware Interim Company Secretary

The Board of the BADT are seeking a new Treasurer.

This post is unremunerated but supported by an excellent paid bookkeeper. The role is principally to compile the Annual Report and Accounts with our Independent Examiners and give helpful Strategic advice to the Board of Trustees. Reasonable travel and office expenses will be paid. If you would like to help make a difference.

Please apply using Reference TREAS20 to mail@bridportadt.org.uk